Dear Fellow Investor
Imagine that you leave your house…
And get into your car…
But you don’t take control of the wheel.
Instead you punch a destination into the sat nav and your car drives off by itself.

…Tiny video cameras detect traffic lights and road signs…
…Hidden sensors follow the lane markings…
…Your car automatically avoids other vehicles and pedestrians.
It’s all powered by electricity, so no toxic fumes.
And whenever you’re running low, your car pulls into a recharge station.

This used to be the stuff of science fiction...

But will soon be a reality… and could double your investment
or more – in 2018 with the information contained in this special report.

You see, vehicles with driverless technology will be on sale within 2 years, and a common sight on our roads by 2028!
Before then, we’ll see the first big wave of electric cars.
The MIT Technology Review says: “Electric vehicles will become a more economical option than internal combustion cars in most countries in the next decade.”

Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that one in three cars in the world will be electric by 2040.
Now we get to the exciting part.
Think about this statistic…
There are roughly a million electric cars in the world, compared to 1.2 billion cars in total.
For electric cars to reach the predicted “one-in-three” level they will grow to 400 million.
That is 400 times growth in two decades.
Simply put, the electric car market is about to explode. This is a major GLOBAL technological breakthrough that will change the way we live.
You are at the ground-floor of a game-changing tech trend.
Something that only comes along a few times in your investing life. 
Think Microsoft in 1986 Intel in 1990…or Amazon in 2001.
No wonder investment capital is piling in…
The biggest player in electric cars surpassed Ford’s market cap at the end of March 2017, when its value hit $49.21 billion…
A month later it eclipsed General Motors… becoming the most the most valuable auto company in the world.
Read that again….
Not the most valuable ‘electric car’ company…
But the most valuable of ALL car companies.
Electric cars are quickly eating up the old auto industry, with investors making very low risk bets on this being the transport of the very near future.
Which is why I’m so excited about the investment opportunity I’m about to share. 

The car of the future could
if you invest via the backdoor

There’s been a lot of media coverage of the big tech players behind electric and driver less cars.
The big players have huge market caps because of it.
However, there are other, smarter ways to invest in this mega-trend.
You don’t have to buy expensive shares that might rise maybe 10% or 20% in a year….
Instead I’ll show you a backdoor way to invest in this booming market that’s far more affordable and with far more upside, if you’re bold and quick to act.
You see, I’ve been researching a small company which makes a component that goes into electric cars.
Its product is crucial to the technology.
The biggest electric car company simply can’t make cars without it.
Yet this is an under the radar ‘small cap’, also known as a penny share.
Invest in these kinds of penny share companies and you can see 10, 20, even 30 times growth of a regular share.
What’s more that price can shift very quickly… in as little as a few months.
Which is why I’ve kept this report under wraps…
This company has scored a MAJOR coup.
A deal that has its far bigger rivals kicking themselves.
They have the sole contract for an electric car company that is about to grow production 25-fold in the next two years… with an estimated 10,000 cars to be sold EVERY WEEK by the end of this year.
Their component is not something that can be easily copied, and their rivals simply cannot get a look in.
So a new contract for this little company is about to become massive!
Doubling sales from its current levels in just 2 years!
The price is currently at a huge discount – a classic half price share that offers you a large margin of safety… with extraordinary upside.
Buy into its shares now and I predict you could potentially see 94% return within a year and a 125% return in 24 months.
You’re going to need to act fast on this, though.
As you are reading this report, so too are hundreds of your fellow investors.
What’s more, it won’t take long for the market to notice this discount – and when it does, buckle up.
News of this company will spread…
And once fund managers, brokers and financial media get a sniff, this one could go to the moon.
I’m happy to send you all the details right now, on a risk-free basis, so you can read my analysis, research and stats.
I’m sure you’re going to be amazed that people aren’t jumping on this share.

This sort of investment doesn’t
come along very often

When I first researched this opportunity, the hairs stood up at the back of my neck.
Here’s a company with a sole contract to make a crucial part of a technology that could be in every driveway in 20 years time – and this trend is happening NOW.
It’s not idle speculation.
You’re not staking your wealth on jet packs or time travel here.
The wheels are already in motion, it’s just that this company hasn’t been picked up like it should, because it’s small and under the radar.
If you are as blown away by it as I am, then seize the day.
It’s not often that you come across a ground floor opportunity to invest in a tech that could change everyday life…. much in the way computers, mobile phones and the internet have done.
You don’t want to be kicking yourself a year down the line when you see what happens to this company.
The beauty is that you don’t need a large bank to make this investment.
You can get started with as little as R10,000.
Based on my projections you’ll double that money 12-24 months.
With R20,000 invested, you could potentially have R40,000 in the bank for doing very little.
All you do is buy and hold.
No day trading.
No screen-watching.
No ducking in and out of the market.
For that small action you take in the next few days, you could pay for a holiday, pay off some debts, or invest in other opportunities..
In fact, it’s just one of 4 DOUBLE YOUR MONEY stock picks I’d like to send you today for a risk-free review.

I’ve discovered a little-known fact about a particular SA investment holdings company.
Brokers, fund managers, the press and the general media have all missed it’s listing on the JSE in 2017, as it was obscured by the massive crash of Steinhoff.
But buried deep on page 150 of its pre-listing statement  I discovered this little gem of data. 
When I redid my numbers on the company and its share price, I discovered that 97% gains were lying in plain sight for the savvy investor who responds now to the market’s gross miscalculation!  
This could be one of the JSE’s cheapest growth shares, and most investors don’t even know it!
Get in now and I think you could aim for a fabulous 97% gain.

The problem with mining is the risks involved in digging up metals from kilometres underground.
But I’ve uncovered a little-known company that is a major producer of copper, without digging a single hole in the ground.
Between June 2016 and today, the copper price has grown from $4,620/t to $7,172/t. And this company is benefitting from that as we speak.
But NOW is the time to invest if you want to make money.
As its profits shoot up the market will start buying up this little company in truckloads. I’m predicting a 110% return in 12 months… 

Brian Joffe started out buying a tiny company called Chipkins in 1982. Through new acquisitions, smart financing and his good management skills he turned a couple million rand investment into a market behemoth.
By the time he retired in 2015, Joffe turned Chipkins into two companies called Bidvest and Bidcorp. Combined, they were worth R140 billion. 
And that’s where the opportunity I’ve uncovered today comes in…
Joffe has come out of retirement.
He’s started a new company, that’s already moved from R100 million to R5 billion in a year.

In my report I’ll reveal why I believe he could take this new company to R150 billion as well…

Join me today and I’ll immediately send you these reports for a risk-free look

These investment reports are jargon-free and easy to read, but will show you all my detailed research.
I’ll give you reasons why I think each of the companies is positioned for big potential profits…
A breakdown of how I arrived at each percentage forecast…
And crucially, I’ll show you how to invest in them, even if you’ve little or no experience.
All you need to do is accept my invitation today and I’ll send you the reports
for FREE as part of a 3 month money-back trial of my service Red Hot Penny Shares.

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Or if you’re still a little sceptical, that’s fine.
Let me explain a bit more about my service…

How to profit from small shares
before they hit the big time

My name is Francois Joubert, editor of Red Hot Penny Shares.
I specialise in investments known as ‘small caps’ stocks or ‘penny stocks’.
They excite me because they’re one of the only investment types capable of turning a small bank of R10,000 into extraordinary wealth.
Over the last 7 years, I have spent thousands of hours honing my own unique screening system that has personally yielded me winners 80% of the time.
My technique is different than anything you’ve likely seen.
No hunches. No guesswork.
And I never act on hot tips, press releases, or hyped-up emails.
Instead I hone in on tomorrow’s big movers using my proven Penny Share screening process.
Before I recommend a company, it must show as many of these characteristics as possible:
To give you an idea of how much return my picks can deliver, here’s how much the top penny share performers in 2016 and 2017 delivered investors.

To put that into perspective, that’s
a 540.86% cumulative gain from
6 trades - in just 12 months!

You see, once you know how to buy these stocks, the upside is tremendous. If you find just one winner the gains can be staggering.
Imagine making enough money, in just two years, to pay for your child’s education, buy a fancy car or go on an exotic holiday – thanks to a savvy investment you make today.
But this isn’t just about a one-off hit..

Copy this approach and you could
turn R10,000 into R1.34 Million!

Well, while a R10,000 investment in my recommended electric car tech company won’t make you a millionaire… imagine if you invested in more than one of these small caps!
And then imagine if you rolled your gains into a bigger investment each time.
This is known as ‘compounding’.
Then you’ll soon see how your gains will add up…
Let me explain...
You could have invested R10,000 into a small company I recommended, a company called Adapt IT and made an 83.13% return…
That would have quickly turned your initial stake into R18,312.
Nice, but that's not life changing - yet.
Then if you had rolled your R18,312 into a little-known company called Ansys you could’ve made a 223% gain 10 months later... Enough to grow your investment to R59,164.
If you had rolled your money into logistics company, Santova, you could have shot your initial investment up to R144,892 with a 144% gain in 8 months.
And if you had invested these profits in Wescoal, you could’ve made a quick 56.67% in two months – and that would’ve taken your capital to R226,998.
If you had put that windfall into Pan Af, you’d have collected a huge 258%, and rolled that straight into Jubilee, this would have taken your initial R10,000 stake all the way to a nest egg worth R1,346,198!
This is how gains from penny shares could have catapulted a mere R10,000 investment to over R1.34 million…
Simply by rolling your money from play to play.
Of course, it’s not guaranteed that a string of trades like this will happen again tomorrow. Not every pick is a winner.
But I can help you manage your portfolio, helping you exit from investments when they’ve hit their full potential, and showing you new opportunities month after month.
And to get you started I’d like to send you, for your risk-free review, four DOUBLE YOUR MONEY picks, including the extraordinary small company that holds the key to the electric car boom.
I believe this penny share could be the most exciting investment you could make in 2018… and possibly in the next decade.
This company ticks all the boxes of the perfect small caps investment…


All great companies are innovators.
They change the world.
Think of companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Google, and how we could do without them.
And this company is a key player in a technology that’s going to be a similar game-changer.
It makes a fundamental component of what could be this century’s most major technological breakthrough… electric, driverless cars.
An advance comparable to the invention of the microchip, the spread of the internet or the mobile phone.


Disruptive technologies create new industries, and shake up the way business is done.
The company I’ll show you is going to totally disrupt the car industry – and it’s the ONLY company doing what it does!
It’s special patent and sole contract makes it almost impossible for competition to get in on the action for years.

This Small Cap has a potential SHARE PRICE TRIGGER

A significant future event can sometimes send a tiny share through the roof.
For example, imagine owning a tiny pharmaceutical ahead of drug approval... or a little software company before a major takeover.
Being able to spot these future events – and get into the share early enough - can make investors ridiculously wealthy.

That’s why I’m recommending you buy this small cap now.

This company has bagged the sole contract to make the crucial component of electric cars for a company whose sales are expected to shoot up to 10,000 per week this year.

This Small Cap is UNDERVALUED… for now.

Often shares trading as ‘penny shares’ don't deserve to be as small as they are.
This is because they are undervalued.
Sometimes an analyst downgrade, lawsuit, or just bad press can cause a share to plummet.
Other times the market simply hasn’t woken up to the true potential.
My job is to find those undervalued shares ready to bounce back and deliver huge gains to shareholders.
This tiny company is one of them…
While the biggest companies in this field has an almost $50 billion market cap, you can invest in this with a small amount of investment capital, while its shares are at a huge discount.
You won't hear about this company on CNBC or see it in the pages of Fortune, Forbes, or Financial Mail.
It’s not big news…. yet.
And by the time it is, investors will have missed out on the biggest price move.
Which is why I’d urge you to join me for a risk-free 3-month trial of Red Hot Penny Shares today.
That’s three months to try my recommendations – follow them on paper if you don’t wish to risk any money at all – and see for yourself how profitable this investment strategy could be for you.
As a free bonus, you’ll get my four DOUBLE YOUR MONEY picks for 2018, including the astonishing little company about to benefit from the electric car boom.
I wouldn't be surprised if one of these four companies become the most profitable share I’ve ever recommended.
Of course, I can't guarantee that every investment recommendation will be a winner.
Ignore any expert who claims they can do that.
Nobody knows the future.
However, when I make a recommendation, I always give you the level of risk involved - low, medium or high.
By investing just R5,000 to R10,000 at a time, your losses are always minimal. 
Yet even the slightest jump in price can hand you a massive windfall.
My readers have recently…

Which is why I regularly get emails like these…

"I've made 114% profit over the last six months!"
- Arno van der Merwe, Auckland Park
 “RHPS taught me how to be in control of my own investments and still learning from your tips. Total return for the past 5 yrs - 249%”
- M. Robinson
“I am 33 years old and inherited R100,000. My aim is to invest it in such a way that I can retire before age 55. With the help of RHPS. I am ahead of schedule after only one year and I may be able to retire rich and young.” 
- Ben Joubert. Faunasig.
“I have made about R35,000 over the past year all on Red Hot Penny Shares recommendations!"
HB, Johannesburg
 “I started with a small investment of R20,000 and now it’s grown to R46,000 in 12 months just by following your tips and investing in Red Hot Penny Shares. Thank you."

If you’d like to join them, then take up my 3 month trial offer today and you’ll get all my recommendations, risk-free, so you can see the proof for yourself.
However, only one word of warning.

Why This Opportunity May
NOT Be Right for You

Sorry for being blunt, but Red Hot Penny Shares is not for everyone.
I don't recommend boring dividend-paying blue chips... or stodgy non-cyclical shares... bonds... or classic value shares.
That's not my style...
Instead, I focus on unearthing the market's fastest-growing, most cutting-edge companies.
All of my plays trade exclusively on major exchanges... But they tend to be smaller, under-the-radar investments.
In other words, you won't find my recommendations touted in the pages of The Financial Mail.
And by the time they DO appear, we’ve made the lion’s share of the gains.
By the time the mainstream get to hear about a company, it’s usually too late.
So if you're ready to invest in fast-moving small caps, high-flying options and the most explosive penny shares, one-step ahead of the investment herd, I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity today.

Try Red Hot Penny Shares Today

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But there's one final reason to act fast

My tech breakout stock tip
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The companies revealed in 'Double your Money' Stock Play Book for 2018 have small market caps right now.
Their share price could move very quickly.
That’s the beauty of penny shares!
In particular my breakout electric car play is on the verge of a major shift, thanks to their new mega contract – so if you hang around even for another week or two, you could miss out.
So if you're interested in potentially doubling your money on this, then please claim your trial subscription today.
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I look forward to having you on board for a profitable year ahead!
Francois Joubert
Chief investment strategist
Red Hot Penny Shares 
PS: I predict you could make a 125% return from this company that makes a key component of electric cars.
It has bagged an amazing contract and the price is going to move quick. Which is why I’d urge you to join my reduced price trial of Red Hot Penny Shares today before this share takes off. The report is yours to keep, whatever you decide.

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